Behind the brand

floral backdrop
The owner of Crowns and Roses.


Hi there!

Welcome to Crowns & Roses, a Latina, woman owned, small business. 

So how did I get started in this business? I have always loved being creative and for a while, my only creative outlet was photography, but with time I started trying out new things. On one of my trips back to Mexico, I visited San Miguel de Allende and fell in love with the flower crowns that are very typical of the city. I started to learn how to make them and with time decided that I wanted to create a business with flowers as the central theme, and well, here we are now!

At Crowns & Roses we not only teach you how to make fresh flower crowns, but we also make and sell all natural bath products such as: artisanal soaps, floral bath teas, and aromatic shower steamers. I can't wait for you to try our products and not only fall in love with the floral aesthetic, but with all the benefits that come with the natural ingredients as well. 

We believe in making women feel empowered and taking care of their well being, which is why we strive to offer good quality hand made products.

Thank you so much for stopping by!